Program a painting. Navigate a maze. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party. The only limit is your imagination

Learn STEAM with awesome activities

Program the robot as you explore concepts such as Time, Speed and Distance. Build ramps to jump and bridges to cross. Learn to code LED's to show amazing patterns. Use the sensors to design your very own game of Pong! or Hot Potato! The possibilities are endless!

Three Exciting ways to learn programming



Draw paths on the canvas for your robot to follow along! Change the speed and colours from the settings panel. Customize the pen to your favourite colour!



Drag and arrange blocks that represents codes to make your robot move around, change the colours of the lights and program the sensors!



Do even more with JavaScript programming. Tap into advanced nested if then else, more versatile loops and create even more complex programs!

The best lessons are

the ones we teach ourselves

Our programs are designed around problem solving activities, shifting the responsibility to learn to the children themselves. Naturally curious, inquisitive and without much fear of failure, they learn faster by doing. We also add a huge dose of fun, just to make sure the learning sticks.

The perfect environment

to learn and play

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