OSMO Genius Kit

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Does your children spend a lot of time on their iPad? Why not get them to play and learn at the same time!

With Osmo Education Game System, your children can learn new words, practice and play with numbers, draw a masterpiece and learn patterns and physics! Too young, you say? Nonsense!

Osmo Education Game System is designed specifically for children. The Starter Kit includes Osmo Base Game System, Osmo Words, Osmo Tangram, Osmo Newton and Osmo Masterpiece.


  • The Osmo Base (game system)
  • Words game with two complete alphabet letter tile sets (26 Red Pieces + 26 Blue Pieces for a total of 52 tiles.)
  • Tangram game with wood tangram pieces (7 Shapes)
  • Numbers game with dotted and numbered tiles
  • Masterpiece and Newton games (which don’t require any pieces: just paper, pen and imagination)
  • All games are free downloads from the App Store but you need the Osmo Base (included in this kit) to play them.

In stock (can be backordered)