Sphero Pong!

Sphero Pong!

Ever heard of the game Pong? Well if you see it, you’ll definitely know it, even if you knew it under a different name. Pong was the first game to have reached mainstream popularity, one of the earliest arcade video games and the first ever sports video game created. Originally manufactured by Atari back in 1972, Pong is simply a table tennis sports game with simple two dimensional graphics. The goal is to bounce the ball from one player to another without miss, and if you do, your opponent gets a point for the round.

Sphero Pong!

Let’s demonstrate how Sphero 2.0 and Sphero SPRK+ education edition can be used to simulate Pong! If your device supports it, you can go ahead to view and play the game yourself by following this link:! Enjoy!


How it works?

Pong is usually played with paddles and a ping pong ball. With Sphero Pong! we will be using Sphero as the ball, and our hands (or feet) as the paddle. The way it works when the program starts, Sphero will start rolling. Use your hands to stop it from going past you, and it’ll turn and roll towards your opponent instead. Keep blocking and have fun!

Sphero Pong! uses On Collision method to detect when it is supposed to turn. It also has a tracker to keep track of who’s turn it is and which direction to roll to.

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